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Premium Scone Mixes

Scones originated in Scotland and have been an integral part of the British lifestyle for hundreds of years. Our delicious, Kosher certified scone mixes bring the tradition to your kitchen. Just add water, stir and bake. In minutes, you can enjoy these lightly sweet and crumbly delicacies straight from the oven.

Pair them with one of our Premium Fruit Spreads. Serve a savory variety alongside soup. Pack one in your  child's lunch. Breakfast, brunch, supper or snack: anytime is a good time for a Sticky Fingers Bakeries scone. They also make great hostess gifts, are indispensable in care packages and are most welcome by neighbors, new parents, friends and family members alike.

Gluten Free Mixes

At Sticky Fingers Bakeries, we know scones. Since 1987 we've been offering a premium line of scone mixes that are incredibly easy to make and impossible to resist. Our Gluten-Free Scone Mixes carry that same commitment to quality. They are made with high quality ingredients and have a delicate, crumbly texture with just a touch of sweetness. And with four varieties, there's a flavor for every taste. Produced in a certified gluten-free manufacturing facility.

Premium Muffin Mixes

Our Premium Muffin Mixes are packed with wholesome ingredients and allow you to enjoy home-baked goodness in minutes. Just add water, egg and oil, give a quick stir, and bake. Treat the kids to fresh muffins for weekday breakfast. Bring a batch to the Monday morning meeting. Surprise the neighbors. Just be sure to save one for yourself—they’ll go fast. 

Premium Brownie Mixes

What could be better than warm, chewy brownies, fresh from the oven? How about ones that take just minutes to prepare? All of our bodacious Brownie mixes are so easy: just add water, egg and oil, then stir and bake. Before you know it, your kitchen will be taken over by their irresistible aroma. Kids will emerge from their rooms. Neighbors will come out of the woodwork. The mailman may linger. Our brownies are made with the finest ingredients, including lots and lots of high quality chocolate.

Irish Soda Bread

Savor the aroma and warmth of fresh-baked bread in just minutes. Irish Soda Bread is one of our most popular mixes, with good reason. It's got a distinct nutty and fruity flavor and is slightly crumbly, with a pleasing blend of plump  seedless raisins, pungent caraway seeds, and whole oats. You can't beat it on a cold, blustery night with a pint of beer and a hearty soup or stew.

Holiday/Seasonal Mixes

Pumpkin, eggnog, cranberry, peppermint - the tastes of the holiday season come alive at Sticky Fingers Bakeries. We've created a line of premium Scone and Muffin mixes that take you out of the kitchen and into the festivities. They take just minutes to prepare and are guaranteed hits at family gatherings, holiday parties and open houses. And of course, all of our holiday mixes make delectable gifts.

Fruit Spreads

English Curds

Our curds are made in small batches with premium ingredients and are deliciously smooth and thick. Try them on a scone, as a dessert filling or as a tangy topping for ice cream. You can taste the difference that quality ingredients like fresh eggs and quality butter can make.

Northwest Jams

Our jams are bursting with loads of handpicked fruit and the freshest ingredients. We use blueberries from the wilds of Maine, and raspberries and Marion blackberries from the great Pacific Northwest. Spread a little sweetness.

Fruit Butters

Despite their name, fruit butters are dairy free. But their smooth, creamy consistency (from long, careful cooking over low heat) makes them imminently spreadable and a lovely alternative to regular jams. We've gone beyond traditional apple butter to offer some sublime varieties.

Pepper Jellies

Looking for jelly with a little kick? You've come to the right place. We've sourced high-quality jalapenos and habanero chilies to use in our two jelly varieties. If you've never paired spicy jellies with cheese, meats or crackers, you're in for a real treat.