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Hope you're having an awesome day!! Just wanted to tell you that your packaged scones mix (just, add, water...etc) is THE BEST I've ever eaten!!! I was astounded by how "non-packaged" the scones tasted. (I baked the lemon ones) I have tried other mixes (lots actually) but yours is the only one that made me want to write you and tell you how tasty(and yes, easy) your mix was to me. Thank you for an excellent product. I'm hooked. Blessings,

By Charlotte

I really love your scones because I went to the U.K. You make the scones taste like they came from the U.K. I like your new favorite is lemon poppy seed.

By Josh
10 years old, Lake Orion, MI, USA

I have tried many scone mixes and even tried recipes from scratch, but just could not duplicate the same taste of the scones I get at the various tea shops where I've been. When I tried your Scone Mix I found it exactly like you said Quick and easy and only had to add water and bake. I have tried many different flavors and they are all DELICIOUS!! Thanks to all of you for developing the Sticky Fingers Scones.

By Doris

I just write to say "thank You" for making those great English scones mixes. We bought them in San Francisco while visiting our daughter, and now, back in Switzerland, we celebrate an American breakfast, including your scones. They tasted very good and we remembered the wonderful time we spent at the West Coast. It's a pity that we can't but them in Switzerland. We're so looking forward to out next rip "going back west". Again thanks and hello from Zurich.

By Elfie
Zurich, CHE

I just downloaded your web site, as I was lucky this Christmas time as I found your scones at my local King Sooper...bought a bag and made them. They are the real thing!! I am from England and they are perfect, consider this find a great Christmas gift. Thank You, they are truly an all natural scone.

By Ed

I wanted to let you know that I purchased you Wild Blueberry English Scone and Raspberry Jam. I am happy to tell you that the products are great!! I am recommending them to my friends and I plan on giving your products as holiday gifts.

By Margaret

I just had your Lemon Curd, which is the best I have ever had next to my grandmothers who passed away many years ago. The thing I don't understand is why isn't it everywhere? I purchased mine at Cost Plus-World Market. You should get it out there. Even the stuff from England can't light a candle to's amazing!

By Shirley

Just wanted to say thank you for providing an excellent product. My husband and I recently purchased a package of your English scone mix at the Basket Gourmet in Selinsgrove, PA. We were more than delighted with the results. It took us back to our experience having tea and scones with clotted cream at a wonderful little tea room in the Cotswolds.

By Theda and George

Your Pumpkin Spice Scones are fabulous!! They're the best I have ever had. They're perfect for breakfast and then my dad can put the leftovers in my lunch when I go to school. And, by the way, I love your packaging, but the stuff inside is even better. Lots of fun and goodies.

By Claire (TEST II)
Medical Lake, USA

I just wanted to tell you how much my family has enjoyed your scones. They are so easy to make and taste great! I have been using them for a few years now, and recently stocked up on them at Cost Plus World Market. There are so many choices now! I just have to remember to use them up before they get outdated. The other reason I love your scones is because my son is allergic to eggs and nuts. It's ironic that he cannot eat scones when we were in England, yet can eat them here (at least yours). So please do NOT ever change your recipe to include eggs or nuts. Keep up the good work!

By Jill