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The pumpkin spice fruit butter is delicious! It is wonderful on a waffle with a dollap of whipped cream. Even my son ate most of the jar as soon as I bought it

By Anonymous

Wonderful Raspberry Scones!! The best I've ever tasted!! Thank you so much for selling a product that not only tastes great, but is moist and easy to make!! Also, like the fact that there are no eggs needed or in the mix due to allergies!! Can't wait to try the other flavors too!!

By Debbie
Kirkland, WA, USA

Picked up a package of Wild Blueberry Scone Mix at my local Raley's last week. Made the scones this morning - they are addictively yummy! So light and moist, not too sweet - PERFECT! Can't wait to try more!

By Judy
Santa Rosa, CA, USA

Just discovered your original scone mix and can't stop eating it!! Love your products

By Shankar

I love Sticky Fingers Bakeries. Try the Raspberry White Chocolate. It's the best!

By Anonymous

I love your products!!! Everything mix I have tried has been awesome. I'm so glad I found your site! I will be ordering again. Just took some cranberry scones out of the oven...yummmm

By Anita
Long Beach, CA, USA

I love Sticky Fingers Bakeries! The mixes are available in great flavors and they are very easy to use. They're great for a quick breakfast, especially when company is in town and time is of an essence. My favorite flavor is the Morning Glory Muffin Mix and the Orange Scone flavor rocks! Their Holiday flavors are great too - especially when the family is in town, taking over the house and the kitchen! They're also great at communicating news and new product information - sign up now!

By Ash
Spokane, WA/Spokane, USA

I am an eight-grade student at a Middle school in Oak Park, CA. I recently bought a package of you Lemon Poppy seed scones and was so incredibly pleased with them that I thought I'd share my thoughts on them. First, these scones were some of the best I have ever had despite their being from a mix. I loved the slightly lemony flavor and the texture. Whereas many dessert mixes are often overly sweet, yours were right on target. They were not too sweet, but with enough taste that it was fine to eat them plain. They went quickly! Second, I was amazed at how easily it was to make the scones. All I had to do was to add water!! Therefore, I had very little to clean up afterwards. Also, the residue of the batter was easy to clean off the mixing bowl and spoon. While I was doing this, the cooking scones gave off the most wonderful smell. You scones are wonderful. Therefore, please keep up the good work. I and everyone else who had the scones are definitely planning to purchase them again.

By Julia
8th grade, Oak Park, CA, USA

Greeting from the San Francisco Bay area. I had to send you a thank you note for your scones. Never have I found the perfect way to make and enjoy scones until I purchased your product. One day at Cost Plus I just by chance strolled down their aisle displaying the mixes. Once again I thought I would try a mix. Well, I fell in love and went back to purchase one of every mix on their shelves. I have raved to everyone I know about your scones. I can't live a day without them now!! My little pleasure in life each morning and it's no secret. So thank you over and over.

By Linda Lee
San Francisco, CA, USA

Thank you for making the English Scones...Black Currant - and Irish soda bread. Both are very good (delicious) and easy to make. I found them at world market. I hope you keep them coming! Thank to all of you.

By Helen