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Bought 3 packages at Remlinger Farms while on summer trip. So easy to make and love them! Makes a great breakfast. Plan on giving them as gifts to spread the love. So far, cherry flavor is my favorite.

By Kathryn

I bought raspberry scone mix in Monaghan.Ireland and loved them. I was very happy to see that it comes from Washington as my daughter has a lavender farm in Ferndale. Keep up the good work.

By Claire
Hartwell, GA, USA

Would love to continue to buy GF scones, but $12+ to ship 5 boxes is absurd, and $90 purchase for free shipping is a burden. Don't punish those of us not buying for our own commercial bakery. I'm just an individual and cannot afford the shipping. I'll have to make my own. I was a long time customer, but I just cant do anymore.

By Pamela
Mentor, OH, USA

I was always told it's not 'bragging' if it's true...well, it's true...your scones are the best! I've tried and served many different scone mixes at my Afternoon Teas...and Sticky Fingers is the ONLY scone mix I will serve from now on! Thank you for making a product that makes ME look good.

By Anonymous

I liked the quality of the ingredients listed on your package so I purchased Sticky Fingers Meyer Lemon scone mix. This was my first time trying any of your products and I'm impressed with the taste, texture and ease of preparation. I'll definitely buy more 'Sticky Fingers' in the Home Sense shop! (Edmonton, Alberta)

By Fran
, Alberta, CAN

Oh yum. Gluten free scones that taste like real food. I'm in love with the lemon!

By PeggyLynn
lake Charles , LA, USA

Just made your gluten free original scones and they were excellent! I added orange zest to the mix and they came out soft, moist and delicious....and I cannot say that about many gluten free products in general. My husband who is NOT gluten free could not stop eating them! Thank you for a fantastic gluten free product. I wish your mixes were stocked in more local stores. They do not know what they are missing!

By Linda
Wayne, NJ, USA

I'm so excited to find a mix that tastes like real scones. I use to travel to Britain and fell in love with scones. I couldn't find anything in the states that even resembled them ... until now. These are great - now if you can include clotted cream life would be perfect. Thanks for such a great product.

By Lois
Ocala, FL, USA

like the coconut chocolate chip scones,ate this morning! have tried the cherry one too and they are good.

By Anonymous

By Anne Siena, I love your scones, and have for years, I'm 71 yrs.old, and live on a limited budget. They are my weekly treat. I tried the Vanilla Chai scone, and honestly they were awful, they left an after taste in my mouth, that I could not get rid of. That was the end of this weeks treat. Wellington Florida

By Anne
Wellington, FL, USA