Summer Fun!

Summer Fun!

The long, warm days of summer deliver fun, family and food in abundance.
Whether your hitting the trails, spending the day at the lake, or
entertaining friends with a backyard BBQ, you'll need a few seasonal
favorites to fit the occasion. We have had great success with these yummy
twists on classic favorites, here are 5 of our faves! (We couldn't stop at we gave you 6!)

1. S'mores Scones: This favorite flavor is a nostalgic summer treat or yummy

2. Corn Bread and BBQ: These two go hand-in-hand. Try our skillet corn bread
for your next BBQ and throw in jalapenos if you want to heat things up!

3. Holiday Scone Decorating: Get everyone involved and be creative as you
prepare for Fourth of July festivities.

4. No-Bake Bar Energy Balls: The recipe is right on the package. Add your
favorites - coconut, chocolate, whatever you like - and take the
nutrition-packed treats that travel!

5. Blueberry Cobbler: Meeting the family on a Sunday afternoon? Looking for
a brunch crowd pleaser? Visiting a friend? This traditional favorite is made
simple with Sticky Fingers.

6. Brownie Sundaes: Ice cream is always welcome, take it to the next level
with build your own brownie sundaes using Shine (protein-packed) brownies,
your favorite Organic ice cream and the toppings they love.

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